Mr. T. L. Haithcoat  Education
  • M.S. Wildlife Biology, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1987.
  • B.S. Wildlife Biology, West Virginia University,1982

Current Position
  • 1995 to present: Program Director, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
  • 1985 to present: Program Director, Sr. Res. Specialist, Geographic Resources Center

Areas of Expertise
  • Remote sensing
  • Digital image processing for resource management, PCI image processing software
  • GIS computer applications for spatial data analysis
  • Project design and implementation
  • Project cost  estimation
  • Project/staff coordination & training
  • Database construction
  • Extensive involvement in projects with public and private sector clients  including academic units, University Extension, state agencies, federal agencies, local government, and private organizations and companies

M.A. Thesis
  • M.A. Thesis: Integrating a PATREC Model with LANDSAT Data for Assessing Pheasant Habitat in Missouri.

Selected Publications
  • Batek, M.J., A.J. Rebertus, W.A. Schroeder, T.L. Haithcoat, E. Compas, and R.P. Guyette. 1999. Reconstruction of early nineteeth century vegetation and fire regimes in the Missouri Ozarks. J. Biogeography.  Vol 26: 397-412.
  • Drobney, R., T.L. Haithcoat, and D. Diamond.  1999. Missouri GAP Analysis Project. Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. 150 p.
  • Haithcoat, T.L.  1995.  Environmental Issues that affect production and consumption of   industrial minerals.  Proceedings of the Midcontinent Industrial Minerals    Workshop. U.S. Geological Survey Bull. 2111. pgs 33-37.
  • Hammer, R.D., F.J. Young, N.C. Wollenhaupt, T.W. Barney, and T.L. Haithcoat.  1995.  Slope Class Maps from Soil Survey and Digital Elevation Models. Soil Sci. Soc. of  American J. Vol. 59 (2): 509-519.
  • Prato, T., Y. Wang, T. Haithcoat, C. Barnett, and C. Fulcher.  1995.   Converting hydric cropland to wetland in Missouri: A geoeconomic analysis.  J. of Soil and Water Conserv. Vol 50:1  p  101-106.
  • Prato, T., Vandepopuliere,J., Fulhage,C., Haithcoat, T., Xu, F., Fulcher,C.,  and Jenner,   M.  1991.  Managing Land Application of Broiler Litter to Optimize Economic Value and Water  Quality. Missouri Water Resources Research Center.  Report   No. G-1572-04.
  • Haithcoat, T.L. and Hallett, D.L.  1987.  Computerized PATREC assessment of LANDSAT land cover data to aid planning of pheasant management in Missouri.  Proceedings of PECORA  XI, Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Giessman, N.F., T.W. Barney, T.L. Haithcoat, J.W. Meyers, and R. Massengale. 1986.  Distribution of Forestland in Missouri.  Trans. Mo. Acad. of Science. Vol 20:5-14.

Selected Grants and Contracts

Principle Investigator
  • Haithcoat. 'Internship and Support for Mo. Office of Administration'
  • Haithcoat. 'The Missouri Lewis & Clark Historic Landscape Project'
  • Haithcoat. 'The Missouri Original GLO Survey Notes Project'
  • Haithcoat. 'Missouri NSDI Clearinghouse Node'
  • Haithcoat. 'Mo. Office of Administration - Census 2000'
  • Haithcoat. 'Mo. Office of Administration - Block Boundary Suggestion Project'
  • Haithcoat. 'Implementing GIS in the Mo. Dept. of Economic Development'
  • Haithcoat. 'Base-line Environ. Exposure to Toxics in St. Louis Region'
  • Haithcoat. 'Mo. Dept. of Transportation Data Base Development'
  • Haithcoat. 'Mo. Dept. of Transportation County Highway Map Project'
  • Haithcoat.  'Flood of 1993 in Missouri:  Data base development'
  • Haithcoat. 'GIS for Integrated Emergency Management: A Booklet'
  • Haithcoat. 'Missouri Spatial Data Information Service'

  • Hipple, Davis, Haithcoat, Blanchard. 'Center for local and regional government applications'
  • Blanchard, Correa, Davis, Diamond, Haithcoat, Hipple, Palaniappan, Peyton, Wiebold,Zhuang.  'Remote Sensing Demonstration Program'
  • Blanchard, Correa, Davis, Diamond, Fulcher, Haithcoat, Hipple, Palaniappan, Peyton, Prato, Urban, Wiebold, Zhao, Zhuang, Engeln.  'Commercial Remote Sensing Program - ICREST'
  • Palaniappan, Haithcoat, Diamond, Hipple.  'NASA Equipment grant'
  • Schroeder and Haithcoat. 'Historic Land Cover Mapping - 1800's'
  • Drobney and Haithcoat.  'GAP Analysis Project for Missouri'

Selected Professional Activities
  • Missouri Geographic Information System Advisory Committee -  Standing Member - Secretary
  • Federal Geographic Data Committee - National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) -  Organizational Initiative: Stewardship Team Member
  • MidAmerica Geographic Information System Consortium - Missouri Representative
  • National States Geographic Information Council - Missouri Representative
  • Missouri State Census Data Center - Core group member

  • Nold, A.S.  1998.  Spatio-Temporal Change in Indiana Bat Summer Habitat.  100 p. MA   Thesis.  Univ. of Missouri.
  • Welde, B.D. 1998. Environmental Justice in East St. Louis: An advanced GIS risk assessment methodology for determining the interconnections between air pollution, equity, and health.  157 p.  MA Thesis.  Univ. of Missouri.
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  • Muller, Steven V., 1995.  An assessment of Areal Interpolation Methods and their use in Estimating Population at the Block Level Affected by Flooding.   159 p.  MA   Thesis.  Univ.  Missouri.
  • Geletta, S.  1995.  Industry concentration and rural well-being in the United States. 115 p.  PhD Dissertation.  Univ. of Missouri.
  • Batek, M.J.  1994.  Presettlement vegetation of the Current River watershed in the Missouri Ozarks.  MA Thesis.  Univ. of Missouri.
  • Zhou, Yen. 1994.  Flood Hazard Assessment and Response Using GIS within the Blue River Watershed, Jackson County, Missouri.  103 p.  MA Thesis.   Univ. Missouri.
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  • Spooner, J.D.  1991.  Analytical Urban Change Detection Using Scanned  Cartographic and Digital Satellite Image Data.  71 p. MA Thesis.  Univ.  Missouri.