Mr. J. D. Harlan Education
  • M.A. in Geography, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1996
  • B.A. in Geography, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1992

Current Position
  • Senior Research Specialist and Assistant Program Director of the GRC

Areas of Expertise
  • Database Development
  • Arc Macro Language (AML)
  • Census Applications
  • Surface and Spatial Modeling
  • Cartography
  • Political Geography
  • Historical Geography
  • Cultural Geography
  • Regional Geography

  • Census 2000 Redistricting Project
  • Database development and analysis of the historic landscape of Missouri by use of U.S. General Land Office land-survey field notes.
  • Legislative, School District, Census, and Demographic Data Update and Analysis
  • Doctoral research: Social Capital Mapping and Analysis at the Small Rural Community Level

Masters Thesis
  • Kuna Yala: A Geographic Study of Indigenous Survival,University of Missouri-Columbia, 1996. An investigation into the unusual success of the Kuna Indians of Panama in protecting their culture and land.